Dear White People! Trust Only Can Go Both Ways

Nearly half of century later still people of color in America have the same concern as James Baldwin mentioned long ago. White people tell us to trust them, but according to the polls, a great number of Americans believe #Muslims are not fit with the society. A significant number of white people in America believe, #blackness means crime, and millions of Americans call #Latinos #rapists and #drugdealers. A person of color cannot expect to receive a job interview. When we apply for a job, we will be cast out just by having a none-white name. At the airports, randomly searching means going through the luggage of a person of color, #Muslim, #latino or #black. This is the dilemma. We don't hate Whites. They claim they don't hate us as well. However, their actions show something else. Something that makes me as a person of color to be careful when talking to a cop, because he may suddenly become angry and put a bullet in my head. We act like slaves. Many of us have become Yes-People, agreeing with what the white man says because we are afraid to get into trouble. When a person of color being recognized for his/her achievement is a historic event, but a white person being recognized is normal, because the first one does not happen often. Not because people of color are stupid, as many white people assume, because we have no equal chance. We have to work harder, study harder to be able to prove ourselves. And why even we need to prove ourselves? Because we are assumed to be lazy, stupid and savages.
No, we cannot trust you unless we see your actions. We will trust you when the equal opportunity becomes a real thing not just a word on your job application.


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