America was not Built White

Real America is not in the movies like Into the wild by Sean Penn, which shows a country of whites, and of course, real American history has never been some TV shows like the Hell on the Wheels. Real America is the reasons behind the actions every single person of color has taken. White America accuses many people of color of being criminals, violent or misfits. Like in the Hell on the Wheels presumably the bloodthirsty Cheyennes attack the innocent workers and their families and scalping the deads. Is this really how everything went down in history? Absolutely not. However, white America wants to think like that. Black people are violent criminals, Native Americans are bloodthirsty savages, Asians are traffickers, Latinos are drug dealers, and Middle Easterners are terrorists, this is how a vast majority of America remembers the past and the present. No one is talking about why, for instance, natives were eager to stop the railroad.  No one really wants to talk about how the railroad participated in reestablishing the slavery and destroying the nature that belonged to everybody. No one wants to know that a black man spending time gambling had no other choice to raise a few bucks since after the civil war they weren't getting paid enough even to survive day by day. You may have heard some fiction about the real America, but millions of African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinos and Muslim-Americans have lived it every day. 


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