Letting Boys to be Boys

This is how most men describe every woman, an attraction and a sex object with no brain. Men do not like to discuss women’s intellect because it terrifies them. The fact that women may have the intellectual ability pushes every single corner of the male’s self-confidence.
Women are good as long as they stay in the kitchen and perform in the bed. Even those men, most of them, who agree women’s social presence, they expect them to act like cheap labors. Women cannot have opinions. They must not put their nose somewhere, which it doesn’t belong.
Men decide what is good for women or not. And do you know what’s funny?
There is a significant number of women who support such idiotic idea. They cheer for men who objectify them and other women. This group of women is even more dangerous than domination seeking men. They discredit every single woman who tries to find her place in the society, who advocates for the rights, which are natural requirements for every human being.
The betrayal has been going on for centuries and the female participants of it were working so hard to make sure men won’t feel bad about insulting, harassing, raping and destroying women.


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