If We Really Knew the Issue

If You Really Knew Me opens a case study that is not new at all but the fact that how much society has paid attention to the problem is another story. Discrimination, racism, bullying and vice versa seems to have some high effects in schools, even more than the adult society. The video has almost some good proofs about high school attitudes, how currently it is, and how must become in the future.
The show is about how far high school students are from the person who is sitting next to each of them, a collection of strangers who remain strangers almost forever. In the story, a group of people is trying to bring a change in the high school. They select some students and then take them to an experience that is going to open the students’ eyes to the truth behind of each face.
The students begin to talk and each of them tells a story about him/herself or his/her family. These stories bring up all difficult times they had or have in their life. Each person provides a new personality that is very different of what others think about that individual. This changes many things between them and as the football boy say they will try to make some change in future about their attitude toward others, but I do not think how these children think about each other is the entire problem.
Change never gonna happen if the roots of the problem haven’t been taking care of. I think any change made in that meeting at the video will be temporary because the main issue still exists. The first question, about this kind of behavior, is not what those children do; Or how they do it? The question is why, and where is coming from the idea about judging people without trying to get to know them.
In this case, we should not forget about the role of society and family. This role has a high effect on children’s behavior. They learn, believe and then act. Initially, their brain is a blank page and ready to accept anything that the world is providing. Parents are first writers who will begin to write on theses blank pages. Children copy their parents’ behavior, beliefs, and judgments, and that will structure the basic characteristics of the children. During the time, which children are growing up, this role extends to friends and society (neighborhood at first) etc.
Therefore, after all, we have some teenagers that their behaviors and beliefs have already been shaped during the childhood. Although this is not a formula, but we need to consider this process when we are talking about teenagers behavior. By considering this, there will be a concern that if these high school students go back to their family and neighborhood are they going to still believe what they experienced at that moment at school? Aren’t they under the effect of a sad moment that has shaken their heart for a moment? Is there any deep thought behind the enthusiasm for a change?
These questions and many other questions were my concern when I was watching the video repeatedly and again. I strongly believe any change, in this case, has to begin with children in kindergarten and at the same time working on families, society and other sources that provide behavioral models.
What I mean by whole this, is only with a TV program and some selected teenagers not only world not gonna change, but also, this provides a model that only examines the surface of the problem, and doesn’t try to have a deeper look.


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