Racism is.......

I don't like to complain, but I am going to strongly believe that in the USA nobody knows how to use the potential of the people around. when you have a professional who is working for you for free only one reason can stop you of using the individual's full potential, "Pride."
Because you were born or grew up in the USA and another person has come from some other countries doesn't make you better than him/her. If even you are good in your career what's wrong with the idea to trust someone who didn't born or grew up in this country?
Once I said "racism" in the united states is worth than any other countries in the world, and I still believe it. The problem is more than %90 of people in this country think racism is discrimination against black people or calling them by N-word, but that's just a corner of the big concept.
Racism is when people come to this country and you teach them how to brush their teeth because you believe Americans are only people in the entire world who know how to brush teeth.
Racism is when you undermine someone's education, skill or intelligent and you see yourself on the upper situation than another person just because you were born in the United States.
Racism is giving an immigrant/ refugee lower tasks (despite his/her education skills) while the giving another person with fewer skills/education higher tasks just because he/she is an American.
Racism is moving your chair at class to stay away from another classmate just because he/she is from the Middle East or is Arab.
Racism is calling all Muslims, Arabs, despite a huge number of Muslims don't speak Arabic.
Racism is .................
Just think a little bit, you will be able to add much more to this list. Many more of your daily behavior that bothers someone else especially those who came to this country with a false belief that are going to be safe, but they are being insulted every day of their life in this country and you pushed them away to the deep corner of the society because you think you are better than the rest of the world.
Believe me you are not, there are no people more miserable and disconnected from the human society than Americans just look in the mirror this only society that carries gun because are scared of each other and why is that because according to history Americans, besides of killing blacks and natives, were killing each other for a small land or a small gold.


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