Idiots Never Learn!

when I said how many idiots live in the USA, some insulted me and accused me that I know nothing about this country. Now 48,000 idiots who have signed a petition that British CNN talk show host Piers Morgan be deported over comments he made on air about gun control, showed up and I believe there are more gonna come out from the closet.
Don't you believe me?
The Gun Owners for America, which has many members and adherents in this country after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that caused killing of 20 innocent children came with an idea that the solution is having a man with a gun in every school to avoid killing innocent kids.
How dumb is this idea and how idiot is Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners for America.
The problem is some call carrying gun a way of self-defense. The defense for what and from who?
many years ago you came to this country and settled by killing many of native Americans. Then they tried to respond as a defend to your attack and you called them wild, uncivilized and killers. After that, you allowed everybody carry a gun against these people who tried just help their own community and society stay alive.
Now you are been caught in your own trap and are killing your own people, but you will never understand because idiots never learn.


Anonymous said…
That is really terrible what you are saying. I of course do not need a gun to protect my family in the neighborhood I live in.. But what if you lived in a mobile home in the country outside of a impoverishment stricken small town with a really high crime rate? Granted if there were no guns there would not be a problem but who is going to be the first to give up their guns? Should it should be the very poor and impoverished American living in a mobile home off the side of the road with no lighting at night unlike in the neighborhoods me and you live in? If this is the case who should be the person to tell them? Should it be an American like me who lives in a "rich" subdivision where this is not a problem or should it be someone who was not even born in this country? The fact that you do not understand this but you are portraying yourself as someone who cares about American's while using a British accent is a travesty and understandably is not going to be well received by most Americans. When you can understand the problems of all Americans of all walks of life then you will be liked by the majority of Americans. As far as not being hated by many American's all you need to is forget about your ego and not judge other people.
Thanks Chris for your comment, you mentioned many things in there that I would rather to respond carefully and by detail. So I am gonna write a blog post with all your answers by details, instead of replying here if you don't mind.
Anonymous said…
By the way I just realized that you are not the one who wrote the article. So please understand my comments are directed towards Piers Morgan. But yeah sure do whatever you need to do.
I don't know where you got this idea and how that Piers Morgan wrote this blog post. We are both journalist but he never writes for others a blog post :). This is exactly my argue and I have many reason for what I claim.
Anonymous said…
That may be true but I did not see this mentioned in the post and the only thing I see attempting to generate credibility for yourself is your reference to Piers Morgan. Of course the difference in Piers Morgan and the millions of other Americans (I am assuming he at least has American citizenship)wanting their egos to be a part of everything is he expresses his opinions on television. We all of course realize the statistics with regards to guns in other countries but these countries never had guns for the most part. Also statistics only look at the entire country and not the individual person or the minority of people who may be affected in a negative way.. We of course pretend to be a country that cares about the minorities and who wants to protect the minorities but only when it is popular. But who is to say if it was well known that the teachers at Sandy Point all had guns this would not have stopped the incident. While the shooter may not have cared about his life he was obviously not right in the head and probably feels he died accomplished. So if there was the possibility that he would have been killed without carrying out his very sick mission he may not have tried.. I am not saying it is not the answer but I see no reason why a journalist would not want to write about both sides.. It would seem to me if you cared about your profession you would want to write about both sides of the argument no matter what is popular. Everything does not have to be black and white. If we want solutions to problems we sometimes need to look at the grey. Or in other words if we were to have compassion for all people then maybe people could come up with something that works for all people that no one has even thought about.. But this idea of calling someone an idiot because they want guns after the school shooting is not right. I bet if you looked at the stats for how many kids are murdered in their homes each month in this country due to break ins etc if would be more than 20. I think there is an argument for people wanting to at least try to protect themselves.. In other words I for one would never imply a person was an idiot for thinking this way.. In fact I just do not think it is the place of a journalist to say that anyone is an idiot. I would think a journalist should just report the facts and perhaps make arguments but leave it at that.
I think here I am seeing the both side. I will talk more about this in my next blog post, but for the record, any criminal issue in this country comes from the wrong definition of freedom.
I can suggest an example just happened few month ago. The guy who made the movie against Muslims. this calls freedom of speech but is not. there are some boundaries always.
You are free to express your opinion but not with insulting others. For sure this will make some angry.
You already said I am judgmental, but who doesn't know Americans are most judgmental people in the world. Just you need to watch American TV shows or comedies. Even about cloth people wear in America its easy to have some tag like "he is gay" or "this music is gay"
don't forget American society is a combination of Hidden Racism and Hidden Aggressiveness that some times shows in different way.
Few month ago I started to write a book calls "A factory for creating terrorists". Story is about a person comes to this country innocent and simple after many years all happens to him makes him a terrorist.
Of course there are many other things involve, but what I am offering here is for a person that is ready to push out his interest of crime this society has potential base due to social behavior that is common.
This needs more argue that as I said I will talk about this in my next post.
My language in this article is same language people in america use everyday against other nations and society and I did this on purpose.

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