A lost story

You do not watch a movie just because of the performance, fiction movie is supposed to come with a story
that can follow the dramatic logic of the plot. Ginger & Rosa's main problem is the lack of the correct characterization. characters remain on the surface and the writer loses the chance to draw a deep well-defined character, also, the writer's interest to judge the society makes the characters weak and passive. The stories problem is nobody cares enough to do anything and this would be a good point if the writer were not too involve with some personal desires. Ginger is a confused character not only in her life but also in the structure of the story. Obviously, she does not know what she want. She is too much under the influence of the events around that she cannot participate in her own life and then finally she ends up in jail. An activist’s character that all has done is reading some poems and hiding her face behind a pillow. In addition, this character ends up in prison for no real reason. The writer is unable to convince the audience of the process of the character.


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