Let's Hate Each Other A Little Bit

Isn't is fantastic how people hide things sometimes from each other?
"I love you babe" means "I hate you more than anybody in the world"
"You look amazing today" means "You look awful but I am not gonna tell you"

Every day we say things that we don't believe in them,  we try to be nice because "we don't wanna hurt somebody's feeling" but that somebody is we hate from our deep and we call this hate friendship.
All we do is just hiding true feeling and we lie. Yes, we lie every moment to others and to ourselves.
Making things complicated is not easy way to live, and then asking "why life is so complicated"
Oh babe, you make life complicated for your self.
Let's start again. Let's forget about all those bullshit  that leads us to be nice for no reason. Come on start today, let's hate each other. Ask yourself whats wrong with hate from you honest deep feeling. believe me is really better than love with lie.


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