I had never been kinda person who avoids changes. As I remember, Always changes were welcome to my life. I liked change cuase, I believe they can be symbol of growing up, emotionaly, spritualy and mentaly. But there is something about change you would never know till you will face it.

Where is gonna take you a change?

Changes hard or soft, necessary or unnecessary. hurtness or hurtless doesn't have any brochure that describes what is gonna happen after all.

On the other hand no one can tell you which would be better for you?
The life you hade before attempting to change
Or the life after change

Anything people say or you belive is based on revoking any possiblity of damage or regret. Even if lie we still keep saying that changes made my life better and who can say what could be your life without those changes.

We judge based on the moment we were into and we compare that with the time in future that are hoping to happenes after change finished its building process.

If you look at this picture fairly, is a way that we just fake it for some way to rescue of any collateral damage that we assume, will occur.

All those proverbs, quots and slogans about changes are not good enough to covince a smart person which is good change or not, but there is no chance for not to take the change.

Since our life is subordinate of our society, and social and individual behavior of others affects our life essentials, we cannot run away of all those changes.

Good or Bad we have influenced already and if we face it, there is gonna be only one regret and questin:

How could be truly the life without these changes?


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