Stop Child Abuse In Iran

Despite, all efforts that human rights activists did, Nima died. Now, it's the time to try, to make sure this is not gonna happen again. please sign this petition to save children in Iran.

Iranian Judge Returns Severely Abused 4 Year Old to Abusive Parents
Iran Human Rights, May 19: A judge in Tehran has decided to hand over Nima, a 4 years old boy who has been subjected to severe physical abuse, back to his abusive father, reported the Iranian state run news agency ISNA today.
The report said: "Nima, is a four years old boy in Tehran, and the second victim of child abuse [who received media attention] in the past month. Yesterday, and only ten days after he was taken to the Mofid Children’s hospital, he was released and delivered to his abusive father."
"Nima suffered injuries from severe beatings from his parents who burned various parts of his body including his genitals and caused deep bruising around his eyes. He was transfered to the hospital on May 8th. Upon arrival at the hospital, Nima told the staff that his father had burned his body" said the report.
Mostafa Eghlima, the President of the Academic Association of Social Workers in Iran told ISNA, “According to the law, a father may refer to the Judiciary any time he wishes to collect his child.” He added, “Even though the legal proceedings have allowed for Nima to return to his father, we must [know] how the presiding Judge came to the decision that the father is qualified to care for Nima.”
According to paragraph 220 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, if the father or father’s father kills his child or grandchild, he will not be punished for murder. Physical punishment by a parent is permitted in Iranian law.


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