man has stand on the bridge. He looks to the river. 

“Why rivers don’t have any salt?”

He thinks this is important question.
Salt is important, why? He doesn’t know.

When he was child, his mother had a big collection of much kind of salts; Mexican, Brazilian, French, Iranian and etc. she saved them into a golden box. Man (kid) couldn’t open the box, never. It was a great dream for him.

“One day my mom will going to die, and that time box will be mine”

Several years later, mother died. She left a letter for her son.

“You can have this box, but you can’t open it anytime. If you do, you will lose all of things that I have given to you “

It wasn’t important to man, all of things? That was kidding, because he won’t anything except salts. So he opened the box; but the box was empty. He found another letter into the box – from her mom.

“I knew it’s possible, you opened the box. So I sold my house and all of things inside it.”

Man, didn’t have any goal that time. He was ready. He had a last wish; he would drown into a sea. Because normally seas are full of salts, he thought. He couldn't find any sea there. In that village just was a small river.

“Why rivers don’t have any salt?” He said.


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