Bad teacher; The experience of an empty bottle

A comedy centered around a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague -- a move that pits her against a well-loved teacher. (IMBD)
Do you wanna know about worst movie in the whole world? You should see The Bad Teacher. The story has no weak structure. The main character in this movie is a teacher (Elizabeth\ Cameron Diaz), that uses marijuana, does cheating in the exam, lies, does extort steals and etc.
The first description above has written in IMBD that makes this movie like a challenge against the rules in society. But the question is; this movie can be in this field?
My question strongly is NO.
We face with a character that has no psychological integrity. The character does not definition properly. Seems the teacher supposed to be a positive person but the truth is she is not and has no right to harm others, but she does.
She is a teacher in a school that nobody cares what’s going on. Also, the students' parents are not worried about their children. Despite these kinds of behaviors, Diaz is a positive character in this movie. She is a teacher who does not care about her students, and also she does not care about the school. Writer for being sure this movie has no way to survive, plans this character like an idiot.
All of the characters are stupid except Elizabeth that she can do everything, but nobody can arrest her. She lives in a city full of idiots. All of the characters (except her) are passive.
Actually seems this movie has only one character, and writers, Gene StupniskyLee Eisenberg), have added others to show that somebody else is living in this town, but they have nothing particular to do.
Jake Kasdan (October 28, 1974) also has used all his efforts to make sure that film will have weaknesses much more than the script. These are included the casts, decoupage, editing and etc., which are the reason that film doesn’t proceed.
Insert and motionless space have overshadowed on the whole movie. Watching this movie was like having an empty bottle of beer exactly when you are so thirsty.
This kind of movies sometimes reminds me of a great question; has really finished the age of the amazing comedies?


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