Let's be a little bit bitter

Truth is Bitter. why? Cause if some one tells the truth gives us the pain? Cause we live in the tower dream and nobody can tell us come down your life is not like this?
We are no one in out of or dreams. you hate me now? I don't care. I am no one too. every body is no one.  We hide ourselves behind the stupid Masks. No friendship we have, No truth we carry, No human we are and No believe we have.
Let's to be a little bit bitter. Only one they. Let's go out and only tell the truth.
If don't like somebody let's tell to her/him and then getting something new. Maybe we are wrong about that and he/she can show something different.
We have April Fools' Day and every year we are waiting to tell lie in it. Ha Ha, so funny we are waiting but every day we do lie. we don't need to have an especial they cause of it. 
Now, come to have a truth day that we don't have in our whole life. Just one day come tell the truth. Don't screw up. Don't think others are idiot.
Just one day and tomorrow you can back to your life and you can try to fuck people again and again and again.
Only one they be a little bit Bitter.


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