kind of shit democracy in Egypt

I was watching the 60 minutes, again and again and again. Lara Logan is my colleague. Who knows that the Journalists are working hard for giving the news to people? If Lara Logan wouldn't broadcast the news in Cairo, or even someone like her, who could know what's going on there.
Forget about some shit like facebook. in there mostly you can find rumors.
Egyptian people are indebted to her. If they have something, they got of wrong way.
Whole world gonna forget this story. Tomorrow people will talk about the fight in Cairo and how people in there were great.
But we know they wouldn't be great. they raped a journalist. This is not a political game of US government that they will call it sometimes later.
This is absolutely, behavior  of the people that they don't deserve to have democratic country.
Even animals won't be interested to do like this.
Yes I am angry because of stupid people that they think are so clever and strong, they are?
For sure they are not. Attack and rape a group of TV reporters can't be symbol of power.
This is going to show us, which kind of government is getting to power in there.
But this wont be end of the story. Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and most countries in this Territory would be the same.
 This is a symbol of straggling culture, a sign of massive disease in such communities. But who can see this?


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